Thursday, September 13, 2012

Free Flower Nasturtium stencil

Spring is here! And these cheerful flowers are always a pleasure to see as they bring in the warmer weather. This stencil allows you to enjoy their fresh citrus colours all year round. They would look charming as a border round a bedroom or on a cusion in a sunny sitting room.
You will need paints in the following colours:

Light Yellow
Sunflower Yellow
Olive Green
Hunter’s Green

Cut the stencil as per instruction in my previous post with the http:// free lighthouse stencil. Refer to the design pattern to see which parts of the stencil are flowers and which parts are leaves.

Using a medium stencil brush apply Light Yellow to all flowers and leaves.
Cover the stems and leaves with Olive Green leaving a yellow area in the centre. Outline each leaf with a little Hunter’s Green.

Apply Sunflower Yellow to the edges of the flowers followed by a light touch of Orange.
I have given shading instructions in the post

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  1. I've been making shirts for my move to Hawaii. These stencils work beautifully on the shirts. Thanks a million.


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