Monday, June 18, 2012

Pansy Shells

As this is the season for finding pansy shells along our coast I thought it appropriate to put this stencil on today.
These pretty delicate shells come in many different forms and shapes but this is the one best known in our region.
Please remember to donate something, however small, to a local charity of your choice so that my stencils do good all over the world! Thanks.
You can find more shell stencils here.


  1. Hi Wendy:
    I'm self-publishing a book - Miss Matched at Midlife: Dating Episodes of a Middle-Aged Woman. In one of my stories, a man gave me a sand dollar on our second date. I might like to use your sand dollar image (without the rope-like boarder) in my book. Is that okay with you? Please email me at Thank you, Wendy!

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Yes of course. Please honour the request to give a donation to a local charity of your choice.


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