Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free seahorse stencil

These adorable little creatures are fascinating to watch and I have used this image in my book as one of the projects. I stencilled the seahorse onto a litter bin for the bathroom and have detailed how to go about stencilling onto wooden surfaces in this excerpt from the book.
For more sealife stencils click here for a shell border and here for a dolphin stencil.
These designs are free to use but as always I ask that you donate something to your local charity in return.


Any wooden surface that is properly prepared or is in good condition is ideal for stencilling. Wooden floors look lovely when stencilled and give a cottagey feel to a room. The stencilling can be used to demarcate different areas of the room or to define the borders of spaces that are used for certain functions. For example a large open-plan area could be divided up into sitting and dining areas by the application of a stencilled border.

Articles of wooden furniture can be enhanced by a pretty motif or border. Wooden chests that can be used as children’s toy boxes or linen chests are a good item for beginners. Small cupboards, tables and chairs can also benefit from a little decoration. If the paintwork on the item is in good condition and has not been sealed then you can stencil it and then apply a sealer or varnish to protect the finish. Any type of paint can be used as long as it is compatible with the existing base coat.

If the existing paintwork is in poor condition you will have to strip the wood and sand it down before beginning any work. The finished result will only be as good as the surface you are working on so it is important to ensure a good preparation. Remove any handles or knobs and repair any loose hinges or joints before beginning to paint.

If you want to paint an unfinished wooden item first apply one coat of universal undercoat and then either two coats of the desired colour or a paint effect of your choice. The stencil can then be applied and finished with varnish or sealant.

New, unfinished wood that is smoothly sanded can be stencilled on directly and finished with two coats of an appropriate sealer. Wooden floors need to be sanded with a floor-sanding machine – these can usually be hired from a tool hire company easily found in the Yellow Pages under Tools. They will also be able to supply the sandpaper in different grades to fit the machine. You will need to sand with rough grit first, then a medium and finish with a fine to get a really smooth even finish. The sanding is not difficult or terribly strenuous to do – rather like cutting the lawn – but does make a huge mess of sawdust so do use a paper face mask to reduce the amount of dust you inhale.


  1. Your detailed descriptions of your projects are fantastic.

  2. Any inputs would be so much compatible now.

  3. Hi, you can copy the pic and cut it out of any thin plastic material. Please refer to my book, Stencils and Stencilling on cutting out stencils or have a look at the instruction in my previous post for cutting instructions

  4. How how can I get this lovely seahorse stencil? My one bathroom is underwater sea life, if you go to Skeetermig Tice on Facebook, look at photo album called crafts you will see my beautiful seahorse I'm almost finished for my bathroom


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