Monday, October 1, 2012

Lovely free lavender stencils

The first of the lavender flowers are filling the spring air with delicious fragrance - to help you celebrate, here are some free lavender stencils to use around your home.

Lavender in a pot - stencil on to a laundry basket or kitchen cupboard doors for a touch of Provence!
Gorgeous as a border on white towels, white bed linen or stencil a card for a gift of lavender goodies. This is an essentially feminine design and imparts a freshness wherever it is used.
Pretty and fresh, this free lavender border stencil brings spring wherever you use it

As with all the free stencils offered on my blog, please spread a little happiness around the world by donating something, no matter how small, to your local charity every time you use a stencil. Many Thanks!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recycle, re-use, redesign: Free Flower Nasturtium stencil

Recycle, re-use, redesign: Free Flower Nasturtium stencil

Free Flower Nasturtium stencil

Spring is here! And these cheerful flowers are always a pleasure to see as they bring in the warmer weather. This stencil allows you to enjoy their fresh citrus colours all year round. They would look charming as a border round a bedroom or on a cusion in a sunny sitting room.
You will need paints in the following colours:

Light Yellow
Sunflower Yellow
Olive Green
Hunter’s Green

Cut the stencil as per instruction in my previous post with the http:// free lighthouse stencil. Refer to the design pattern to see which parts of the stencil are flowers and which parts are leaves.

Using a medium stencil brush apply Light Yellow to all flowers and leaves.
Cover the stems and leaves with Olive Green leaving a yellow area in the centre. Outline each leaf with a little Hunter’s Green.

Apply Sunflower Yellow to the edges of the flowers followed by a light touch of Orange.
I have given shading instructions in the post

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Playful Dolphins Stencil

Everyone's favourite - these fun loving dolphins jumping the waves just outside my window make it look so easy and graceful.
A lovely border to use in a bathroom or beach house with a lot of movement and rythm.
Please, if you make use of my free stencils donate a little something to your local charity.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pansy Shells

As this is the season for finding pansy shells along our coast I thought it appropriate to put this stencil on today.
These pretty delicate shells come in many different forms and shapes but this is the one best known in our region.
Please remember to donate something, however small, to a local charity of your choice so that my stencils do good all over the world! Thanks.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free seahorse stencil

These adorable little creatures are fascinating to watch and I have used this image in my book as one of the projects. I stencilled the seahorse onto a litter bin for the bathroom and have detailed how to go about stencilling onto wooden surfaces in this excerpt from the book.
For more sealife stencils click here for a shell border and here for a dolphin stencil.
These designs are free to use but as always I ask that you donate something to your local charity in return.


Any wooden surface that is properly prepared or is in good condition is ideal for stencilling. Wooden floors look lovely when stencilled and give a cottagey feel to a room. The stencilling can be used to demarcate different areas of the room or to define the borders of spaces that are used for certain functions. For example a large open-plan area could be divided up into sitting and dining areas by the application of a stencilled border.

Articles of wooden furniture can be enhanced by a pretty motif or border. Wooden chests that can be used as children’s toy boxes or linen chests are a good item for beginners. Small cupboards, tables and chairs can also benefit from a little decoration. If the paintwork on the item is in good condition and has not been sealed then you can stencil it and then apply a sealer or varnish to protect the finish. Any type of paint can be used as long as it is compatible with the existing base coat.

If the existing paintwork is in poor condition you will have to strip the wood and sand it down before beginning any work. The finished result will only be as good as the surface you are working on so it is important to ensure a good preparation. Remove any handles or knobs and repair any loose hinges or joints before beginning to paint.

If you want to paint an unfinished wooden item first apply one coat of universal undercoat and then either two coats of the desired colour or a paint effect of your choice. The stencil can then be applied and finished with varnish or sealant.

New, unfinished wood that is smoothly sanded can be stencilled on directly and finished with two coats of an appropriate sealer. Wooden floors need to be sanded with a floor-sanding machine – these can usually be hired from a tool hire company easily found in the Yellow Pages under Tools. They will also be able to supply the sandpaper in different grades to fit the machine. You will need to sand with rough grit first, then a medium and finish with a fine to get a really smooth even finish. The sanding is not difficult or terribly strenuous to do – rather like cutting the lawn – but does make a huge mess of sawdust so do use a paper face mask to reduce the amount of dust you inhale.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free dolphin stencil

I saw a school of dolphins just off the point near our house the other day. To celebrate these beautiful creatures use this stencil on a T-shirt, a cushion or tiles.
Like all my free stencils I ask that you make a donation, however small, to your favourite local charity.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Free yacht stencil

Wow, what a response I am getting for the stencils. So glad you are all enjoying them. Here is another nautical  one - a sailing yacht.
This would look great printed on a wall, fabric for a blind or a waste basket for the bathroom.

To get the shading correct, follow my directions


The best part of the entire process is printing the stencil you have just spent hours cutting out for the first time.

Once you have decided on your colours, paints and surface you are ready to begin. Lightly spritz the back of your stencil with the spray adhesive, wait a few minutes for it to dry and secure to your surface. If you feel the stencil is too sticky, press it onto a T-shirt or similar fabric to pick up a little of the fluff and reduce the stickiness. 

Transfer a little of the paint to the lid of the container with your dry stencil brush and work from the lid replenishing as needed. (Insert step-by-step photograph) Never dip your brush into the paint container and work from there as you will have far too much paint on your brush and it will mess and run under the stencil. Also do not dilute the paint, as it will become too thin.

I follow one golden rule while stencilling – use as little paint as possible and build up the intensity of colour with more light applications rather than one heavy layer. Using too much paint makes the final effect heavy and crude whereas a light, lively effect should be the goal.

Using a light, quick, dabbing motion apply the paint onto your surface working at a slight angle from the edges of the stencil – this will secure the stencil more firmly to your surface and give a definition to the end result. (Insert step-by-step photograph)

Do not worry about small bits of paint drifting onto neighbouring areas – this will actually add to the final effect and will not be noticeable as an error. If you want to keep colours separate use a shield to protect adjoining areas.

By using gradually darkening shades of the same colour in ever widening areas you can create an almost 3D effect and give a lot of life to the stencil. Leaving areas of light in the middle adds to this illusion. Using a different colour as a base to an area can highlight it and almost makes it glow.

Once the stencil print is completed carefully peel off the stencil by gently loosening any delicate bridges and admire your work!
This is an excerpt from my book "Stencils and Stencilling"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free shell border stencil

I thought it was about time for another stencil so keeping to the nautical theme here is one of my favourites. This shell stencil can be used in so many different ways - either as it is or by using the shells separately. It looks stunning as a dado border in a bathroom or printed onto cushion covers.

Shell border shown in two colours

As per the previous stencil please give a small donation to your favourite local charity if you use the stencil.