Thursday, December 1, 2011

Show a leg!

This rather tired looking chair was of immense sentimental value to its owner as it was a favourite of her late mother’s but over the years it had become dirty.

Being used by her cats as a scratching post had not helped either!

Damage to the arms from being used as a scratching post by the Siamese cats!

We chose a lovely cream brocade fabric with a vine design to complement the room where it was to go. 

We decided to let the chair's rather shapely legs show rather than cover them with a skirt. The wooden legs were sanded and stained a dark brown to contrast with the fabric.

I did away with the buttoning detail as the fabric was decorative enough.

The lovely cream bocade gives a more modern look.

This lovely cream heirloom was the happy result and can now be passed on to her daughter!


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