Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free lighthouse stencil

In keeping with the festive season I will  be making free stencils available and thought it appropriate to start with a lighthouse. If you would like to use the stencil please print out the black and white design and follow the steps below.
One request is that if you do use the stencils please donate something, however small, to one of your local charities in the spirit of giving.

Using either masking tape or adhesive putty stick the design to the stencil material. Stick all four corners and sides as well so that the design does not move. 
You can cut either on a self-healing cutting board or on a piece of corrugated cardboard. It is essential to use some kind of protection when you cut or you will end up with a heavily scored table surface!

Hold your knife at a slight angle as this will give you a clean, bevelled edge. Start cutting your design from the centre, cutting smaller areas before larger ones as the more you cut into your material the weaker it will become. 

Cut towards you, always bearing in mind that you are using a razor sharp blade so keep extra fingers out of the way – this sounds pretty obvious but you do tend to get so involved in what you are doing that slip-ups do occur. 

Cut curves in one fluid stroke turning the stencil rather than attempting to get your arm around the corners. 
The little bits that you cut should almost pop out of the stencil or should come free with a little pressure.

Mistakes and cut bridges can be easily fixed by applying a little adhesive tape to both sides of the stencil and recutting the area.

Here the stencil has been used in shades of blue.
A more colourful version.

For a free shell stencil click here and for a free yacht stencil click here. Have Fun!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recycle, re-use, redesign: Show a leg!

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Show a leg!

This rather tired looking chair was of immense sentimental value to its owner as it was a favourite of her late mother’s but over the years it had become dirty.

Being used by her cats as a scratching post had not helped either!

Damage to the arms from being used as a scratching post by the Siamese cats!

We chose a lovely cream brocade fabric with a vine design to complement the room where it was to go. 

We decided to let the chair's rather shapely legs show rather than cover them with a skirt. The wooden legs were sanded and stained a dark brown to contrast with the fabric.

I did away with the buttoning detail as the fabric was decorative enough.

The lovely cream bocade gives a more modern look.

This lovely cream heirloom was the happy result and can now be passed on to her daughter!