Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taking the boring out of cupboard doors

You can alter the look of a piece of furniture just by painting a little decoration onto an otherwise bland cupboard door and many of these have panels and features that are crying out for a little embellishment.
A boring white cupboard looks fresh and pretty.

This was a plain white cupboard with a narrow, beaded panel on each door. First off, I dragged the background of the panel with a soft moss green glaze.
When this had dried, I stencilled a repeat pattern of stylised daisies on each door and finished the whole effect with a tiny daisy on each door handle.
A closer look at the stencilled door
Here is a similar idea using a lavender stencil also on a panelled door. This time I painted the beading as well to frame the design.

For lots more ideas have a look at my book on Stencils and Stencilling.

Stencils and Stencilling for great stencil ideas

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