Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What to do with all those hand crocheted doilies

Here is another idea that was inspired by my visit to Italy. Have you ever seen those beautiful lace curtains at the windows of the houses in Tuscany? Usually with an old lady keeping watch on the street below or a lazy cat lying on the sill. Something like these:

Well, I thought they were lovely and longed for some too, only luggage restraints did not allow. So how about this as an alternative?
Collect a range of crocheted doilies; sizes and patterns don't really matter but keep to the same colour. Thrift and charity shops sell them for next to nothing!
Measure the window you want to screen and buy a piece of translucent fabric like voile or cheesecloth in a similar colour to that of the doilies - I used white on white and cream on cream.
Your doilies might need a wash or even a bleach if they are white and stained.
Lay out the fabric on a large table or the floor and arrange the doilies until you are satisfied with their positions. Hand tack them to the fabric quite firmly as they tend to move around when stitching.
Using a zigzag stitch, applique around each doily and then cut the fabric from the back of the doily carefully using a pair of small sharp scissors.
Hem and finish off the curtain.
What do you think? If you make some yourself do contact me to post a photo of them on the blog to inspire others!

Of course, Emma the Burmese cat does add to the final effect!

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