Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuscany Tables

I am still working on the other oak chair and it is taking rather a long time so I thought I would brighten my blog with some tables that I painted shortly after a visit to San Gimigiano in Tuscany.
I saw the most beautiful, hand painted ceramic tables there full of bright fruit and flowers. Of course they weighed a ton and cost a fortune so I decided to paint my own using stencils that I designed and cut.

To try and capture a little of the Italian flavour I painted this one with olives and lemons with a blue border. After I had finished I did a crackle effect to try to get a little more of the 'feel' of the ceramic tables.
Here is a closer look:

The other table is painted with our lovely South African arum lilies that are flowering at the moment. I included sprigs of lavender to add a little colour and a few pretty butterflies and bees, just for fun. Again I finished off with the crackle then a coat of varnish to provide an easy to wipe surface for outside dining.

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