Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr Dithers' chair - from office frump to office vamp!

While the next two coats of varnish were drying I cleaned and re-assembled the mechanism that rotates the chair.
(By the way - a little tip that I learned the hard way - don't be tempted to leave your varnish drying outside in the sun as every flying insect known to man will descend on it and be forever embedded. Then it will be back to stage one!)

The seat of the chair needed some reinforcing so I used hessian webbing strips to add some extra firmness before starting the process of building up the seat base. A layer of batting finishes off this process to give a comfortable yet firm seat.

The seat was then tightly covered in calico to provide a good smooth foundation for the final covering and I repeated the process with the chair back.

After all this preparation, finally the exciting part - putting on the final layer. I used a black piping round the seat base and studs at the corners to finish off. What do you think? Does it deserve a space in the office again?

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