Sunday, July 31, 2011

New projects - two old chairs needing some TLC

I have recently been given two old chairs - one a "Mr Dither's" type office chair from the '50s and the other a large oak easy chair that has been stripped down to its springs.

With the recent interest in old office furniture I am keen to see how this one turns out and will be sanding and finishing all the wood parts and repairing the mechanism before re-covering it.

The other oak chair I also plan to sand down as the wood is lovely with quite a bit of carved detail on the arms and feet. I am not sure if I will lime the oak once it is sanded. I always love the finish of limed oak. I am aiming to get a comfy, casual look with this chair as it will stand in front of the window looking at the ocean.

I will post the makeover results when I have finished!

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