Monday, June 13, 2011

Ugly imbuia duckling turns into stylish swan!

This rather awkward dresser was found at an auction. It looked ungainly and top heavy with a mirror that was far too big for it tacked on to the back of a lovely carved base that had three drawers with brass knobs that were stuck bang onto the centre of each drawer!
The imbuia dresser as found at an auction

After removing the mirror and brass handles the elegant legs and lines of the piece immediately became apparent. I gave the wood a good sanding down till it was silky smooth and then applied liming wax and rubbed it in gently.
First off I removed the mirror

I cut a scrolled stencil that followed the curved lines of the top of the dresser and spray painted it on to give a soft, not too definite result.

I managed to find wooden handles which I also limed and positioned towards the top of the drawers and was very pleased with the final result.
The lime waxed dresser now has a pretty delicate appeal

Oh, by the way, the mirror was hung up in my hallway and looks stunning on its own!
For another lime wax idea look at the romantic wrought iron bench!

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