Monday, May 23, 2011

Putting the Grand back into Grandmother's chair

This chair belonged to the grandmother of a good friend of mine. In South Africa the name for a granny is ‘gogga’- so I called this gogga’s chair.
She was a sorry sight when I first saw her  – this once grand old lady had lost both her arms, stuffing coming out all over and filthy! Nevertheless you could still get an idea of what she had looked like in her prime!!!
So I stripped her down to basics, tied up loose springs and gave her a complete makeover with new padding, foam and lining.
The wooden legs are arms were sanded down, oiled and put firmly back into place.

Then for the covering – after some thought I thought she might like some fun after all those depressing years and found this excellent upholstery fabric with organ grinder monkeys all over.

Doesn’t she look good ? I think she’s ready for a few generations to come.

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