Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cane Again!


These relics from the ‘70’s – I am sure you all have them – are just too useful to throw away but oh! how dated they are!

I had an inspiration when I saw the most beautiful fabric in Wolfe Street Fabrics in Wynberg, Cape Town and not only was it gorgeous – it was on sale!!

I gave the chairs a good scrub with bleach to get rid of years of grimy hands (yes, ok my housework’s not all it cracked up to be) and then gently eased off the beading around the seat and the back.

The seat is held by screws into the frame – some of these were so rusted they needed to be sawn through but most of them came off ok.

The frame was then spray painted using ordinary spray paint from a hardware shop – I found this lovely ivory colour called ‘broken white’ which was perfect. Each chair took about 1 can of paint.
The beading was also sprayed to match.

For the chair backs I secured batting to the cane with hand stitching and then stapled the fabric in place and pinned the beading in position with the staple gun. And did the same for the reverse of the back.

Foam padding was cut into circles by my local dealer and I sawed plywood circles as a base for the seat. The foam was attached with a little contact glue to keep it in place.

I covered the seat bases with a lining fabric pulled tight and stapled in place before covering with the final fabric. The seats were screwed into the frames and the beading pinned in place with the staple gun.

Voila! The old cane chairs look bang up to date.

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